Enhancing Customer Loyalty for Pet Stores (Part 1)

Pet store marketing isn’t just your advertising, your signage, or your logo. It’s everything that happens when pet parents encounter your pet store’s brand, from all of your online or offline advertising to the experience they have speaking with your employees in the store.

So it’s everything that goes into their interaction with your brand, and these interactions are what enhance customer loyalty. At Pet Engine Marketing, we’re not just about driving new business and growth - we’re also about making sure that experience is a VIP experience, building lifetime loyalty for customers that are crucial to your long term success as a pet store owner.

Enhancing Customer Loyalty
for Pet Stores

Let’s talk about differentiation. Your customers need to know what makes your store different, and why your store is in business. It’s not enough to say that you want to help pets - every pet store does! Dig a bit deeper.

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Differentiation gives you a competitive advantage in your market. Here’s a few ways how to differentiate yourself:

  • Product Differentiation

    • Features, performance, durability, reliability, warranty

  • Service Differentiation

    • Ease of ordering, delivery, customer training, consulting, other services

  • Channel Differentiation

    • Coverage, expertise, performance

  • Relationship Differentiation

    • Competence, courtesy, professionalism, responsiveness, communication, credibility

  • Reputation Differentiation

    • Perception, communication, advertising, language, service

  • Price Differentiation

    • By customer, by quantity, by segment, or by competition

How you differentiate yourself should be done based on careful consideration and review of your marketplace and your competition, both now and in the future!

This was just a quick teaser, and there’s much more to come, but this should be enough to chew on in the meantime. We’d love to hear from you - how are you differentiating your pet store from your competition? Reach out to us on our social feeds and join our free community for pet store owners to be featured and be part of the conversation!

One more resource for you - if you haven’t seen this Ted Talk by Simon Sinek, it’s one that all entrepreneurs should check out. 18 minutes of valuable growth packed into a video (don’t forget to invest in your own education)! Remember, pet parents don’t buy from your pet store because you’re a pet store. They buy from your pet store because of why you’re in business as a pet store owner!