SEO Checklist for Pet Stores

For all of our pet store marketers out there, our team at Pet Engine Marketing has put together the ultimate SEO Checklist for Pet Stores. So, if you want your pet store to rise up the rankings in Google, get more organic traffic online, and ultimately result in more foot traffic through the door and more sales at the store, this is worth your time!

Never forget anything on any SEO-related long-form content post ever with this SEO checklist for pet stores. Want us to do your SEO writing for you? Give us a call and let’s explore what a partnership could look like!

SEO Checklist for Pet Stores


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First things first - have you done your research? There are a few main areas to research:

  • Keyword research - do you know which major phrases and keywords should be thrown into your content? Pet store marketing can be tricky sometimes, so it helps if you know your customers and your audience!

  • Competitor research - We’re not necessarily talking about the pet store next door. Instead, we’re thinking of the pet store or online pet stores that rank above you in Google. That’s your real competition!

  • Data gathering - Remember, what’s measured improves. Make sure to take note of the status quo, such as where you rank for certain keywords and search terms, who is ranking higher, where you’re strong and where you’re weak.

  • Is your website up to speed? - By this, we mean that it has a sitemap, Google Analytics is activated, your links work, and there are minimal errors on the site. Use a fine-toothed comb.

If you haven’t signed up to join our free community for pet store owners, you should check that out as there are a number of helpful resources on tools like website building, SEO management, and Google Analytics that can help you start down that path! We’d love to have you.

On-Page SEO

For those that don’t know, on-page SEO refers to the content that you’re creating and putting on, and the pages that it’s hosted on. There are a few main things to focus on for pet store SEO:

  • Content:

    • Be careful about duplicating content - that would just send traffic elsewhere and defeat the entire purpose.

    • Use multimedia and don’t forget to title and tag it appropriately

    • Don’t forget about your keywords and links, both internal and external

  • General

    • Make sure your titles are relevant, your images are titled and tagged, and your pages have an SEO description and meta tags

    • Ensure that the page is mobile-friendly

    • Use high quality images, but nothing so massive that it decreases load times


Off-Page SEO

So, you’ve got your content written and it’s on your site. Now it’s gotta get out there, to your sphere of influence and beyond. How? Here are numerous ideas to help you propogate your content and get more traffic to your pet store’s site:

  1. Post on numerous social media platforms

  2. Guest posts on influencer sites or platforms

  3. Join and participate in forums/blogs

  4. Contribute to newsletters

  5. Get on local websites, like the chamber of commerce

  6. Reach out to relevant magazines and newspapers

  7. Use your own unique hashtag

  8. Make sure your content is shareable and has “follow us” badges

  9. Partner, feature, or sponsor with other organizations

  10. Find successful content and make it better


If you’ve followed all of these steps for every piece of content you write, your content would be perfect and you would be a master of pet store marketing and SEO. The results would show it. This SEO checklist for pet stores can help you and your pet store get there, but it does take some time to ingrain all of these items into your practice and become unconsciously competent.

Don’t have time to do all of this yourself, but want to grow your pet store? That’s where Pet Engine Marketing comes in! Reach out to us today.