Digital Coupons for Pet Stores

Does your pet store marketing strategy include providing digital coupons in the digital age? For the newer, younger pet parents that are in your pet store’s market and are looking for the local experience that your pet store offers, do you have what they’re looking for?

Is your pet store able to capitalize on getting new loyalty members and new subscribers through digital coupons? Are you using digital coupons to gain new business or bring existing customers in your pet store more frequently?

If not, here’s a great infographic courtesy of Inmar that’s packed with data on why your pet store should be using digital coupons! If you’re aready convinced but don’t know where to start, you should give us a call and let’s discuss it!

Digital Coupons for Pet Stores

Here are our three major takeaways from the data:

  1. Price promotion remains a meaningful way to impact shopper decision-making.

  2. Shoppers are engaging with a variety of coupon methods throughout the shopper journey.

  3. Technology-enabled promotions are capturing greater consumer attention and share of redemption.

At Pet Engine Marketing, our clients use digital coupons through a handful of digital assets such as email marketing, Google My Business, Yelp, and our pet store’s websites. Is your pet store doing the same? Check out this compelling data and let us know what you think.


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