Customer Satisfaction Surveys for Pet Stores

One of the best parts of working with pet stores is that we generally don’t have to worry too much about bad customer service. We think that for the most part, pet store owners and their employers are good people that care about their customers and their pets. The personal touches and the service culture are what keep the pet parents coming back. If customer service is an issue at your pet store, you’d probably appreciate our resources on customer service that are accessible to members of our free community for pet store owners, check it out here:

Have you ever heard that it is 10x more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an old one? While this is true for the most part, it’s also really easy to lose your customers.

That’s why customer satisfaction surveys are important for your pet store - to find out where you’re doing well, where you can improve, your customer’s pain points and preferences. Since customer service is a huge piece of a pet store’s marketing strategy, the team at Pet Engine will be able to help you with some pet-store specific customer satisfaction survey questions that are sure to give you insight and build your pet store.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys
for Pet Stores

We can break down your broad areas of questions into a few major categories in regards to your pet store:

  • Customer Service

  • Customer Effort

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Marketing

  • Overall

By all means this isn’t set in concrete, and feel free to add or remove as you see fit in regards to your pet store.

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Here’s some quick do’s and don’ts to help you along your way also:

  • Do:

    • Ask specific questions to get accurate answers

    • Use simple, direct language and formulate understandable questions

    • Vary the types of questions and responses needed to keep people engaged

  • Don’t:

    • Ask confusing, difficult questions that require complex answers

    • Limit response options - always offer a neutral choice

    • Ask leading questions that can compromise results

And last but certainly not least, here are some examples and resources that can be used to help you design customer satisfaction surveys for your pet store.

Customer Service Specific

  • Please rate the friendliness of the staff during your visit

  • Did our staff make you feel valued as a customer?

  • Were our staff knowledgable and able to answer any questions you had?


Customer Effort

  • How easy was your visit to our pet store?

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how much effort did you have to put forth to find what you were looking for?

Customer Loyalty

  • How likely are you to recommend our store to a friend or colleague?

  • How likely are you to visit our store again in the future?

  • Would you identify yourself as a loyal customer of our pet store?


  • How would you rate our pet store’s website?

  • How did you learn about our pet store?

  • Are there any communication channels you would prefer we use?


  • Overall, how satisfied are you with your visit to our pet store?


From these questions and the responses they elicit we would encourage you to start a conversation with your customers. Negative responses and outliers are a great way to receive constructive feedback from your customer’s point of view on all of these topics, and from there you can work towards improve your pet store and your pet store’s marketing strategy.

With some of these questions, asking “why” as a follow-up may not be a bad idea, but you have to be wary of the length of your survey and the risk of disengagement. You could consider requiring a written answer to the “why” question, but again you take on the same risks.

Want help designing the perfect customer satisfaction surveys? Let’s hop on a call and see where our conversation takes us.

For more questions and resources, check out this list of 60+ customer satisfaction survey questions by Nextiva.