Pet Store Events That Drive Sales

While our approach towards pet store marketing may be heavily focused on digital tools and strategies, our main goal for most clients is to get feet in the store. With pet stores, that’s where the magic happens. Today, anybody can purchase pet products online, but loyal pet parents go to pet stores because of the experience they have there.

They love that their pets love it. They love working with knowledgeable staff. They love being recognized. They love the personal touches that go into every interaction. They love the human-to-human and human-to-pet connections that only happen in local pet stores.

Digital marketing is powerful but can only go so far on its own. We’ve found that our ongoing digital marketing efforts will really showcase their results when they are accompanied by local events as a capture point for the digital community.

For these reasons, we work hard with our clients on managing, organizing, and marketing pet store events that drive sales and build customer loyalty. We’ll dig into that a bit more on today’s Insider post.

Pet Store Events
That Drive Sales

First, some major principles that should apply to all events in pet stores:

  • Offer retail incentives - coupons, discounts, sales, double points, freebies, etc.

  • Give yourself a lot of time to advertise in advance. Most pet store customers come in once or twice per month, so if they aren’t your super loyal group that follow on social media or get the newsletters, then you’ve got one or two chances for your event marketing to make a memorable impression.

  • Be prepared for what’s coming - people and pets. Leave out water, make sure everybody is leashed, be ready for cleanups.

  • Don’t just focus on pets - provide for your human customers too!

  • Not all events have to be massive affairs. Consider making some of thes regularly scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis.

Customer Appreciation Day

Considering throwing this event on your pet store’s birthday or anniversary. Go all out! What we mean is, put a discount on everything in the store. Bring in several of the following events and have them all available as offerings for customer appreciation day! This is one of the best pet store events that drive sales. Your pet store’s marketing assets can be used to bring in sponsors, donations, partnerships, and more if you use them right! Give us a call and we might be able to help you out there 😉

Puppy Playime (Bark in the Park)

What about a weekly, biweekly, or monthly session for puppies to get together for 30-60 minutes? Set up a quick fenced-in play pen, throw some toys and water bowls in there, and let the pups go at it!

Photoshoots (Pawpurratzzi)

Photoshoots are a good way to partner with other small businesses and increase the frequency of a customer’s visit. Pair it with a $5 off $30 coupon to drive sales and tie it to a holiday or event and you’re golden!

Or, how about a doggie fashion show?

adoption event.jpg

Adoption Events

Another great way to partner with local organizations as well as change the lives of the pets that find new forever homes. This is also a perfect way to impress potential new customers that could shop with you for the entire life of their pet, and their next!


Get your employees and customers certified in pet CPR so that they are capable of dealing with the worst kinds of emergencies.

Yappy Hour

Throw a canine cocktail party with a formal, upscale vibe or keep it casual while sipping on drinks and handing out treats!

dog walkers.jpg

Dog Walkers Unite

You can partner and promote a local dog-walker as well as get a group of likeminded pet parents together for walks in a local park or nature area. Not only will the pups get some exercise, but your store can be the starting point and will have a chance to socialize and mingle with other pets and their owners.

Holiday Parties (Holiday Pawties)

Try these on for size:

  • Halloween costume party and contest (Howl-oween?)

  • Christmas photoshoot (Santa Paws?)

  • Mother’s Day/Father’s Day celebrations - give a discount to the dog mom’s and the cat dad’s that come in on that day.

Vaccination & Microchips

Partner with a local veterinary clinic to provide on-site vaccinations and microchipping for your customers! Make sure you secure some co-promotion from the veterinary clinic as well.


You’re really only limited by your imagination! Our team here at Pet Engine Marketing have some experience and great ideas on pet store events that drive sales, as well as the pet store marketing strategies and tactics that go along with them.

What are some events that have brought great results for your pet store? We’d love to hear and share some of your experiences! Join our free community to learn from other pet stores and/or be shouted out!