Pet Store Marketing Mindset & Philosophy: Part 3


We’ve been covering some mindset shifts and marketing philosophy pillars when it comes to marketing your pet store over the past few Insider posts and a lot of the feedback has been great, so we appreciate that and are happy that people are getting something from this type of content!

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If you didn’t get a chance to check out parts 1 and 2 of our Pet Store Marketing Mindset & Philsophy, you can do that here:

Last but not least we’ll be covering a few points today that will help you take your pet store’s marketing strategy to another level, or at least get it going in the right direction!

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Pet Store Marketing
Mindset & Philosophy

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Today’s Tools - It’s Not a Guessing Game

Modern marketing has allowed us to get so much better at what we do. This isn’t a guessing game anymore. We’re not trying to confuse anybody by saying that we don’t advocate testing out intelligent new tools or outside-the-box creative strategies and tactics to marketing your pet store. At Pet Engine Marketing, we are consistently trying new things in pursuit of making ourselves better at what we do.

What we mean by this is that the tools that modern marketers are using, like us here at PEM, allow us to measure and track our successes so carefully that, with the right tools and tactics, we can turn on, off, up, or down marketing flows and budgets with ease.

We’re not looking for a one-hit wonder. We want to get the ad, get the audience, get the strategies all under our thumbs and then start to scale, turning the intensity up and driving the needle further.

Leveraging the metrics-driven mentality and a desire to find avenues that can scale, modern marketing allows businesses like pet stores to learn what works fast, and then ramp that up as sales and revenue follow.


Get Ahead of the Curve

Nobody likes playing catch up. Trying to throw together a marketing campaign and a sale in your pet store the week of a specific holiday is going to look and feel cobbled together. The results will most likely be that way as well.

But we’re not just talking about scheduling and planning out your marketing campaigns - we’ve talked about that plenty.

Let’s get into a different concept: supply and demand. If your pet store’s marketing is going 100% on all cylinders, your marketing should be helping you create demand before there you’ve even got the supply. So, don’t wait to start marketing before you have the product - it’s never too early to start marketing. Tell your pet parent customers about that new line of toys you’re excited about that will be in store in a couple of weeks. Send an email blast asking for to get signups for a giveaway before you’ve got it! Get people excited, get them in the store, and get ahead of the supply/demand curve.


We’ve done our best here to provide some insight to our brains and minds as modern pet store marketers. Use today’s tools to get ahead of your competition and ahead of the game, leading your customers through the marketing and sales funnels rather than hoping they stumble through them. Feel free to reach out to us with questions and feedback!