Jet's Favorite Freesources: Jet

The team here at Pet Engine Marketing are generally not ones to toot their own horns, but we are pretty proud of our Freesources series, the community we’re building for pet store owners, and the different ways we bring value to our clients.

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We wanted to take this final Freesources post as a kind of catch-all for everything we’ve gone over in the fast few months while building our community. We’ve sought to help pet store owners with their marketing strategy by providing tools, services, guides, platforms, and advice to get more out of their marketing and more bang for their buck.

We’ll also go over a few other of our favorite resources that didn’t fall into one of the broader categories but could still be useful for pet store owners and other pet professionals. As always, you’re welcome to join our community and get early access to these resources, information, news, and more that’s hand-picked for pet store owners.

Jet’s Favorite Freesources: Jet

Yep, we are in love with what we’re doing and the way we impact our clients’ businesses. Our Freesources series has covered MailChimp, Google Analytics, GSuite, Clockify, Social Media, Website Builders, HubSpot, Canva, Wistia, Hootsuite, AnswerThePublic, and tradeshows.

We’ve provided supplemental information on every Freesource along with a directory and search function on our website to help our community members find what they’re looking for more efficiently. Overall, we feel like there’s enough information and value in our Insider posts to significantly impact your pet store’s marketing strategy and results.

Best of all, our community for pet store owners and all of the content we put out is 100% free. Partnering up with us is like living the good life, VIP treatment and one-on-one consulting with one of our growth experts. If you want to learn more about what we offer and how we can get you a return on your investment for a year’s worth of spending in just a few months, reach out to us for a no-pressure, no “make a decision today” discovery call with the Pet Engine team.

You can also book some of our time for FREE at Pet Connections Expo in the fall with a 30-minute marketing audit for your pet store. More info and sign-up slots for that HERE.

Other Freesources

Wanted to take a quick moment to shout out some other great freesources (or cheap ones) that are worth looking into when it comes to marketing or managing your pet store.


Pet Boss Nation

When we look at the community and team at Pet Boss Nation, we see where we want to be in the future. The Facebook group is a lively place of petpreneurs that are willing to help one another with their similar issues. Candace D’Agnolo is the same, a rockstar that’s full of great knowledge, years of experience, and helpful advice for willing listeners. The Pet Boss Nation team is sponsoring a campfire pavilion at Pet Connections Expo.

CBC group.png

Lynn Switanowski

An expert in pet retail, Lynn of Creative Business Consulting is a fantastic consultant, speaker, resource, and friend. She will put your pet business under the microscope and help you take it to the next level. She’ll be leading a retailer bootcamp at Pet Connections Expo in the fall that will give visitors a dozen different ways to get more from their store and more from their customers. Lynn isn’t free, but a free conversation with her is enough to make an impact on your business.

Invoicing & Payment Processing

Need help sending invoices for your pet business? Check out these providers that allow for recurring payments, custom invoices, free and/or inexpensive tiers of service.

Taxes & Accounting


Running a full pet business will most likely require the hiring of a professional CPA, but if you’re a small-team show or a solo petpreneur, check out these options from Intuit:


And finally, the outliers among outliers.

Bitly dashboard

Bitly dashboard

  • Bitly - Shorten your content links and get a visual dashboard that allows for decent tracking and metrics of the links you put out on social.

  • Unsplash - Professionally taken photos, for free. It’s nice to shout out to the photographer if you can, but these are great photos for your website, print graphics, and other assets.

  • Zoom - Free video conferencing tool that’s easy to use. Premium features are better for larger groups, but if you just want to work one-on-one and have remote computer access and screen sharing, the free version is perfect.

  • Coverr - Free stock video footage for website, social media, and more.


Thanks for tuning in to our freesources series, we hope that even one little nugget of information was of value to you and created a lasting, positive impact on your business. That’s all we’re hoping for - to help out. Give us some feedback if you’d like, it’s always welcome here! Stay tuned for more great content for pet store marketing coming your way.