Two Minute Pet Store Marketing Quiz

At Pet Engine, we’re here to help. It’s what’s prompted us to dish out a significant amount of our strategies, our secrets, and our tools for our Freesources series. It’s what’s prompted us to speak at expos and events. It’s what’s prompted us to answer inquiries, give advice, and spend our time with pet store owners before they become clients, if ever. You can get all of this as well by joining our free community!

So, with all of that being said, we’ve got another really cool resource that we’re putting out there for free to test your basic digital marketing knowledge and strategy for your pet store. Introducing…

The 2 Minute Marketing Quiz

Seriously, this thing is four questions long and will take you two minutes or less. Our goal is not to go too deep in the woods here, but more to point out to you, the pet store owner, some areas where your marketing strategy might be faltering or need help. And we’re here to help. So take the quiz and find out how well you’re actually marketing your pet store online. We’ll be able to give you some expert recommendations based on the results and everybody wins!