Holistic Hound Partners with Delivery Service

Holistic Hound partnered with Pet Wants, a national delivery service for fresh, natural pet foods, to carry its line of organic, full spectrum hemp and mushroom supplements with CBD.

Holistic Hound Pet Wants

“We are very pleased to partner with Pet Wants, a like-minded company with the shared mission of providing the highest quality products to support the health, wellness and vitality of our animal companions,” said Heidi Hill, Holistic Hound founder and homeopath. “Holistic Hound full spectrum hemp and mushroom supplements with CBD are a perfect complement to Pet Wants’ small-batch, private label pet foods and other natural products.”

Holistic Hound veterinarian-formulated supplements are made with full spectrum, organic hemp oil that contains CBD and other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids and other beneficial constituents working together to support pets’ health, wellness and vitality. Reported benefits include reduced inflammation, calming, antioxidant, maintain a healthy intestinal tract and enhanced physical and mental well-being.

The company’s products also contain a certified organic blend of five beneficial mushrooms, including Reishi, Shiitake, Mesima, Poria and Turkey Tail. Medicinal mushrooms are safe and nutritious, and have been used in Eastern medicine for centuries.

When it comes to marketing for pet stores, this news speaks towards a few of the 2019 trends we mentioned earlier in the year: the continued rise (read: explosion) of alternative health resources like CBD and hemp products, and of course the upward trend of pan-industry delivery services. If you’re focused on marketing your pet store properly, we at Pet Engine suggest you get aboard the CBD and hemp train and ensure that your purchasing strategy and profit margins work in your favor with these products!