Last Minute Holiday Campaigns for Pet Stores

Swamped by family, social life, other schedules, and more? Sounds like the holiday season in which, inevitably, your to-do list never, ever, gets finished.

Been there, done that (every year?). If you’re feeling like you’re late to the game when it comes to pet store marketing for the holiday season, don’t stress out too much. There’s still a way for you to make an impact on your sales with these last minute holiday campaigns for pet stores. We’re going to hand them out rapid-fire so you can get through this quickly, choose which one you like, and get cracking on it.

Don’t forget, if you like these ideas but still don’t want to do them yourself, or simply can’t do them yourself, then that’s what we’re here for. At Pet Engine Marketing we manage your pet store’s marketing strategy and execution, taking it off your hands entirely but leaving you in control, involved, and knowledgable. That’s a true partnership, and you can get started with us by taking the first step and reaching out.

Last Minute Holiday Campaigns
For Pet Stores

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Gift Cards

Gift cards are the king of last-minute gift shopping. For the consumers that have been unable to come up with a more creative or more personalized idea, a gift card to their pet’s favorite store isn’t a bad idea. They’re going to shop there anyway, so you and your customers know it’s a good idea. Data suggests that 6 out of 10 consumers would enjoy receiving a gift card (Source: NRF).

Consider bundling a gift card with a purchase of … choose. Whatever’s best for your pet store, or whatever deal makes sense for your customers, whether it’s a $100 sale or 3 bags of dog food, find the deal that fits.

The Most Popular Get More Popular

If your pet store is selling products online, get a deal going on your most popular items to move a few more by the end of the year! People will buy it simply because it’s a good deal and they’ve trust you/the product in the past.

If your pet store isn’t selling products online, then simply mark your popular inventory on sale and make sure you’re promoting this on your social and email channels.

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Exclusive Offers for Loyal Customers

If you’ve been following along and learning from the content we put out here at Pet Engine for pet store marketing tips, then you’ll know we talk about using email a lot.

Why not reward your top email users with an exclusive offer? You can segment by most engaged subscribers, most opens, most coupons redeemed, etc.

If you need help with these kinds of things, check out our Insider archive and make sure you’re following us and subscribed!

Go Seasonal

Your pet store has probably already purchased seasonal items, and they need to go before the end of the holiday season. So, push them! Post on social, put them in your emails, and write up a long-form SEO content piece about your most popular items and what your customers can do with them.

It’s possible you don’t have time for all of that, but we do! Send us a message.


Treat Yourself Deals

42% of shoppers intend to buy a gift for themselves this holiday season (Source: Deloitte). Treating your pet can feel like treating yourself, but why not bring in an additional gift for your pet parent customers? Here’s a few ideas that will sell FAST:


Lean on your distributors and manufacturers for free samples of products and give these out to your first 50 customers in the door on a particular day.

Here’s an idea: Want to celebrate 7 days of Christmas? Or something along those lines, if you’ve amassed seven days worth of different sample items you can give out, hand them out to the first 25-50 customers in for each of those days. Make sure you’re promoting these on the daily via Instagram Stories, FB Stories, going Live, and prep for it with a flash email blast!

Flash Sales

You could run a sale on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday…the tough thing is, everybody else in the city is doing that. Subvert the system and run a flash sale BEFORE these days - has to be before because once customers are done shopping they just want to hang out on the couch and stay warm. Can’t blame them!

Last Minute Holiday Campaigns
For Pet Stores

Your holiday marketing strategies and tactics don’t have to be long, thought out, groundbreaking, or stressful.. They might be more successful if they are all of those things, but the 7 ideas presented here don’t take a lot of time, effort, or investment to pull off. The best part about these last minute holiday campaigns for pet stores is that you’ll see the impact immediately!

So, pick one and run! We’d love to hear what holiday campaigns have worked for you in the past, so drop us a line or leave us a comment.