Pet Store Google Updates

Most of the time Google will update it’s algorithms without warning, news, or notifications of any sort. However, the most recent core updates have come with an announcement from Google on what’s changed. We’re here to take all of that data and drill it down into something manageable when it comes to marketing for pet stores.

Specifically the updates are based on search engine optimization. For newcomers, this relates to your pet store based on how easily new and existing customers can find your pet store when they search for pet supplies or pet stores on Google. It’s important! For more information on why how SEO impacts your pet store, check out our directory on pet store SEO insider posts. For everything else, you should just subscribe to join our free community for pet store owners and we’ll get this stuff sent to your inbox once a month!

Pet Store Google Updates


Here’s the gist of it. Google’s new core updates want to ensure that content that’s put out on your pet store’s site is as strong as possible. What does that really mean? Here’s some tips and pointers when it comes to creating longform content for SEO-purposes, thus improving your pet store’s Google rankings and getting to the first page.

  • Is your content original? Either the information, the reporting, the research, or the analysis?

  • Does the content align with your topic and provide comprehensive coverage?

  • Is your content insightful or interesting beyond the obvious?

  • If your content draws from other sources, is it copied or rewritten? Or does it add value and have a unique input of your own?

  • Do your headlines and titles summarize your content properly?

  • Is your headline or title avoiding any clickbait type of wording?

  • Is your content worth sharing, bookmarking, or recommending?

  • Could this content be referenced by a magazine, encyclopedia, book, or other credible publication?

These questions can act as a checklist for you in creating the type of SEO content pieces that can drive your pet store to the top of the first page of Google and improve your Google rankings.

To dig deeper into the Google core updates, check out this article from Search Engine Land. There are a few more treats in there to be found!


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When it comes to pet store marketing, our team here at Pet Engine Marketing work hard to ensure that longform SEO content is unique, appealing, and audience-specific. When you want your website SEO-optimized and your content to push you ahead of your local pet store competition, reach out to us and let’s see how we can partner to get you there!