Want to get to know Jet?

Meet Jet!

Jet is the official mascot of Pet Engine, but there’s a lot more to him! Here’s a short bio on him and his antics!

Jet Pet Engine Marketing

It’s a blessing to have Jet because as pet owners and lovers, we know and understand how difficult it is to watch our pets grow older. Luckily for the team at Pet Engine, Jet doesn’t get older. He stays in that golden phase where he’s still got puppy tendencies but can also slow down and relax (for a few hours) during some days.

Jet’s background is enigmatic, and we are not entirely sure where (or when) he’s come from. We haven’t ruled out the possibility of Jet being a mutant from the future, sent back in time through a wormhole. It’s also possible that Jet has been here on Earth for longer than us all, perhaps even from the beginning. We simply don’t know - he appeared to us one day and through a series of creative, mental urges (that possibly originated from him, maybe he is telepathic) we created Pet Engine and we think he’s happy with the result.

What does Jet like to do? Well, he’s half dog, half jet engine, and he loves it. He enjoys propelling pet stores, taking them to new heights through the use of advanced technology and a passion for pets and people. He also likes normal dog things - slobbering, getting excited, doing the zoomies, and making people happy.

When we learn more about Jet, we’ll let you know!