Pet Store Marketing Roadmap

Our pet store marketing strategy focuses on maximizing the in-store experience combined with building a vibrant, engaged, expert digital presence in order to build brand loyalty and convert new visitors.

Pet Engine Marketing How We Help Website


Your website is an online extension and expression of your store and brand. Our goal is to ensure that your pet store has a website that is user friendly, informative, up to date, optimized to allow easy tracking to validate growth goals, and most importantly creates a brand of trust and community. All of these design features are there to grow your pet store.

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Social media is a key piece to our marketing engine as it provides the avenue to attract and maintain your local target audience. Our goal is more than just posting; we take the time to plan an effective content strategy that engages new local audience members, brings in positive reviews, and informs of events and promotions, all while upholding your brand’s values.

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Your store needs to be perceived as more than just a place to sell things - it’s a place where pet owners can go to receive expert advice and ideas at no additional cost, or before they spend hundreds of dollars at the vet. Pet Engine generates content that is educational, engaging, relevant to your audience, and improves your website’s search engine result rankings.

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Email marketing

Because customers feel loyal to their pet store, the lifetime value of a loyal customer is incredibly beneficial to the pet store. Finding new customers and converting them to loyal customers and brand ambassadors through sales specials, events, and coupons is the greatest means of ROI. We help keep your customers through loyalty rewards, email marketing, and branding.

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event marketing

Digital marketing is powerful but can only go so far on its own. We’ve found that our ongoing digital marketing efforts will really showcase their results when they are accompanied by local events as a capture point for the digital community. We help seek out partnerships with local businesses to benefit each other and utilize our digital assets to promote and manage events.

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You probably can’t compete with Amazon or Chewy, but you can capitalize on the community you’ve already built! Reward and retain your loyal customers through the same means, just make the buying journey faster and simpler. We help manage your online store’s reviews, service, inventory, and sales.



Pet stores in 2019 need to go above and beyond the standard framework of a retail store - they will struggle to survive as a transactional place where people buy products. Shifting to an experiential model where the pet store welcomes pet-owners and -lovers to events, educational seminars, or just hanging out will bring renewed success and experiences.


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